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"We are all just walking each other home"



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Increased heart rate, sweaty palms, pit in stomach, “zoning out”; these are a few ways our body and nervous system lets us know we are experiencing anxiety. Our nervous system carries a message for us to pause and tune in.


I am passionate about supporting clients to learn from what our bodies are telling us. We can learn to interrupt patterns, understand the origins of those patterns, hold with compassion and increased insight, and create new pathways for healing. 

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“Connection, the ability to feel connected, is neurobiologically wired, it’s why we’re here!” 

- Brené Brown. 


Throughout our lives, particularly in childhood with primary caregivers, we may experience attachment injuries in our longing and striving for connection.  Acknowledging these wounds begins the hopeful work to repair and improve our lives and relationships.

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Low motivation, limited energy, slow moving and feeling a ‘fog’ are some symptoms of depression and how they can manifest in our bodies. You are not alone. 


Depression is the most common mental health concern and has increased dramatically as we all navigate the effects, losses, changes and daily concerns of the pandemic. Working together in sessions I strive to increase insight, build tools to support our nervous system, and build repair.  


“The river of grief will take you to your healing” -David Kessler 


We have all experienced grief and loss, particularly since the beginning of the pandemic.  Loss of jobs, housing, our kids schooling, our activities, gathering with loved ones, access to health care and resources and of course,  losing so many of our loved ones. 


Grief is collective and universal.  Grief is how we, the living, move into a new relationship with those we have lost while acknowledging we will never be the same. 

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As a LGBTQIA+ affirming therapist, my practice holds the value of belonging. I recognize that the LGBTQIA+ population experiences unique barriers to that belonging in our culture, our systems, our families, and our communities. I strive to cultivate a space of belonging and welcoming for all.

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Perinatal mental health is considered to be the time “all around birth” from fertility and adoption to pregnancy up to two years after birth. Perinatal anxiety and depression affects 1 in 7 mothers.


Through interventions and resource building I work together with mom’s and their loved ones to educate on signs and symptoms of perinatal mood disorders, develop coping skills, and build support systems. 

Shame Resilience
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Shame is the most common emotion we all experience as humans.  Brené Brown’s research highlights that shame is highly correlated with depression and anxiety, substance use and eating disorders. 


As a Certified Daring Way Facilitator™ trained in Brené Brown and her work, I collaborate with clients to identify vulnerabilities, cultivate courage, and build shame resilience. Shame likes to thrive in secrecy and darkness. I am enthusiastic about calling shame out and the BS it likes to throw at us. 

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Bruce Perry PhD, acclaimed researcher in trauma and neuroscience defines trauma as an “event outside normal human experience”.


These events are generally emotionally painful and distressing, and overwhelm a person’s ability to cope, leaving them powerless. As a trauma informed therapist, I work with clients to cultivate a space for healing, increased empowerment, and the ability to restore through body-centric interventions and techniques. 

“Life gives us pain. Our job is to experience it when it gets handed to us. Avoidance of loss has a cost.”

-David Kessler
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